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PostPosted: 19 Sep 2012 13:36
by LeapingSalmon
Guys n Gals

That was incredible fun last night, thank you all for such a great, funny and intense evening. Have to say that we workied incredibly well as a team which wasn't as much of a surprise, but more of a sense of pride :)

I was thinking that maybe we should have a checklist on here of things that are done / still required so that we can hit the ground running everytime we play. Additionally what is happening in regards to jumping into survival? Do we / Can we jump in whenever we want or should we have a set rule of no less than 4 or so people at any time? What i wouldn't like to see happen is some of us that need to go to bed earlier for work and during work time for everything to be done come the evening.

Things that needs to be done are:

Mining for gems / ores / diamonds
Chopping Wood
Setting up fuel source for machines
Gathering food
Harvesting the farm fields
Modernising our main base
Perimeter fencing

Prefer if someone with more minecraft knowledge could pick this up and carry on, or for many of us to edit / add to during our next few weeks.



PostPosted: 19 Sep 2012 14:27
by Kandar
On another note, it's also probably worth avoiding beds, kinda ruins the scare of blood moon if you can just sleep through it.