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Guild ship

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2016 01:36
by Swessy
Just wanted to let you guys know, we now have a guildship on empire side as well :)

Re: Guild ship

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2016 22:53
by Werten
You clearly have too much money :p

In other news: I've assigned Jaffas the with the autorisation codes to launch invasions. The Galaxy trembles! :eek:

Re: Guild ship

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2016 23:10
by Swessy
Haha I use the money as fast as I get them :D 50 mill aren't that much anymore after Kotfe :P

And Jaffas is very grateful, and will invade the places that covers the most activities :D

Re: Guild ship

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2016 05:08
by George
Great!!! It will be usefull for me. LOL
It looks like I gonna have a chance to play on Thursday evening again, might as well take the ship for a test run. :-D