The Terror from Beyond: Banished

The Terror from Beyond: Banished

Postby Werten » 23 Mar 2014 23:35

To follow up the success of clearing Scum and Villainy on Thursday, we went in to have a serious go at the Terror from Beyond again tonight. We've had a couple of tries and worked out tactics. Clearing went pretty smooth, and in just our second try we banished the big bad one as well.


A bit touch-and-go as we lost a few in the tantrums, but we pulled through:


A job well done by everyone, and a full clear within normal raid time as well :)
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Re: The Terror from Beyond: Banished

Postby Laura » 24 Mar 2014 09:41

Great work everyone!
Sorry I couldn't be there for it, I had the mother and sister over for dinner that evening :)
Only DF and DP to go now!!
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