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Welcome to Tranquility! We are a casual guild for mature gamers operating in the games Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR).

As a casual guild, we appreciate that we all have other obligations and there are no requirements to attendance or signups. We do however like to group up to take on harder content some times, like hard mode flashpoints/instances and ops/raids.


Galactic Stronghold

Galactic Stronghold in june :D Aaand it's WITH guild flagship, and legacy storage :)


Almost 3800


Scum and Villainy progress

Our forays into the hard mode Scum and Villainy operation saw some good progress tonight. We had managed Thrasher and the following Operations Chief last week, and had cleared the first part on Thursday for a good head start into the later bosses now. Op chief went down easy enough, followed by our first kill on Olok:


This was followed up soon after with our first on the Cartel Warlords as well:


We finished the evening with a few tries on the end-boss Styrak, but he turned out to be a tough one: Our best attept enraged at 25%. We'll just quote Ahnold on this one though: "We'll be back"

Pre-Final TESO Beta Weekend


Just a reminder that The Elder Scrolls Online beta test starts tomorrow at 12pm (noon) EST. Have you created your account, verified it by email, downloaded the client, and patched up? If not, get started! You don't want to miss a minute of the action.

Please be advised that if you have participated in The Elder Scrolls Online beta tests in the past, you do not need to enter another beta key into your account page. Simply patch up your client using your existing account and you're ready to enter Tamriel!

Attention Worldwide Testers! The Beta Test is designed to stress test the North American Megaserver. We'd love for you to join us, but if you have the EU beta client installed, please visit this article for instructions on quickly switching to the NA Megaserver. You can play the game in the language of your choice.

Would you like a friend to accompany you on your adventures? Simply forward this email and invite one friend to redeem this additional key:

<Message me in game or talk to me on Mumble>

Keep the adventure going! If you pre-order or pre-purchase ESO, you'll get exclusive rewards and early access to the game. Visit The Elder Scrolls Online Store to learn more.

If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact our hardworking Customer Support reps.

See you in game!

-The Elder Scrolls Online Team

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