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Welcome to Tranquility! We are a casual guild for mature gamers operating in the games Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR).

As a casual guild, we appreciate that we all have other obligations and there are no requirements to attendance or signups. We do however like to group up to take on harder content some times, like hard mode flashpoints/instances and ops/raids.


Assault on the Dread Palace

On a decent "first try" run on Sunday, we managed to get the first boss in Dread Palace (hm) - Dread Master Bestia - down to 22%. We had a good group on for the evening, and decided on a second go. After gettign her down to 0% (and wiping with 8k left) on the second and third try, we knew we hda it in us. And eventually...


The b#*ch is down. Good job all :)

Patch 2.8 Issues

Just to make you aware there seem to be a lot of bugs with patch 2.8 on Red Eclipse so you may experience long loading times and getting into gf or leaving groups. There is massive delays reported on loading new areas so any raiding tonight might be unlikely :( Just a heads up anyway. You may not even appear to be in the guild - Garvik is sad at the mo :(

Yep can say after logging on for an hour and experiencing some of these bugs - including getting trapped in a voidstar wargame it looks like they have made another colossal disaster of a patch. What a shame!

HM & NIM Guides.

Hi all,

As we are getting into some progression I thought I would put this guide I found up for us to: read learn and inwardly digest!

Best guide I've found even better than Dulfy!


Hope it works.


Offline: Cambridge

A Jameson for his and hers:


Star Wars games on sale on steam

If any of you would be interested, there is a sale on all SW franchize games on Steam. I think about buying some, never played them...

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