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Welcome to Tranquility! We are a casual guild for mature gamers operating in the games Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR).

As a casual guild, we appreciate that we all have other obligations and there are no requirements to attendance or signups. We do however like to group up to take on harder content some times, like hard mode flashpoints/instances and ops/raids.


The Return.

Hi all. After a long break I will be back soon. There has been a lot going on over the last 12 months. Including relocating the family to West Yorkshire! It'll be a couple of weeks but I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Leaving SWTOR - But Don't Be Strangers

Hi All,

It's been quite a few weeks since I've been online - so it comes as no surprise that I've decided not to return to SWTOR even part-time.

Just wanted to say I wish the best for all of you guys and if you ever feel about playing some casual Xbox One or UBISoft related games with me my gamertag is the same on both:


With all the travel between London, Dubai and Cambridge I won't have time for any raiding schedules on any platform.

Be good and best of luck in the future!

The Force Awakens

Saw ep. VII today. It was awesome. Go see it :D

Gareth taking a break.

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that with everything that has gone on this year in RL I have taken a break from SWTOR. I'll still be about but not very often. I am on Battlefront on xbox one Gamer Tag BanJo2412 so add me and party up! I will be back in the summer but there are a lot of changes coming for me and need to get settled first.

See you all in game soon.



So it seems the first (and hopefully the only) thing to download is 8.72GB
It might take me a little longer than the op time, but i can still hope right?

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