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Welcome to Tranquility! We are a casual guild for mature gamers operating in the games Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR).

As a casual guild, we appreciate that we all have other obligations and there are no requirements to attendance or signups. We do however like to group up to take on harder content some times, like hard mode flashpoints/instances and ops/raids.



I've put up a Discord server for Tranquility. As we seem to be spread around on different games maybe a common community server would be good to gather us a bit again. I Don't know how many still plays Lotro or Swtor, or other games, but here are the Discord link:


Hope to see you there. Both Swtor players and Lotro players. We are all Tranquility after all :)

5.10 in december a guild update

5.10 is going to be a decently large update. Story continuation with a daily area f.ex. There will be some guild updates as well.

http://www.swtor.com/community/showthre ... dit9666150

http://www.swtor.com/community/showthre ... dit9666173

http://www.swtor.com/community/showthre ... dit9666171

Guild levelling with perks one can choose from as the guild levels. It is tied to the conquest system. Wich for most people in our guild, was revamped in spring.

I am mostly the only one left in the guild, with a couple being in from time to time.

Are people just waiting for new content or are you all done with the game?

Server Merges

Don't know if anyone still visits this page but there are Incoming Server Merges on november 8th.

The road map was released today:


more info on merges:


Guild ship

Just wanted to let you guys know, we now have a guildship on empire side as well :)

...Back again.

Hi all. I am back on Lotro after a long break. Relocation to a different town, family issues and a lot more happened but, I am back to stay. I am considering redownloading SWTOR too but as of now, I'll be active on Lotro more or less .... always :)

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